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Welcome to Urban Sea TLV

TLV stands for Tel Aviv, my favorite city in the whole world.
My name is Sabina Brandes. I live and work by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv. Originally from Germany I have found a home in this colorful Israeli metropolis. The mix between the bold graffiti of the street artists that I see from my studio window and the beach - just a short walk away - inspire me every day. I incorporate the different shades of urban life and sea in the jewelry and give my pieces a unique look that is timeless, romantic and fun.

​A journalist by profession, I developed an interest in making jewelry many years ago as a balance to my usual mental work. I studied with a wonderful teacher and completely fell in love with it when I started walking the beach and stumbling over the treasures of the ocean: genuine sea glass and pottery in all shapes and colors, heart pebbles and small stones. My hands still covered in sand and salty water, I imagined the rings, bracelets or earrings they would make.


My jewelry is a combination of precious metals and stones plus the finds from the sea. I do not alter the stones or the glass but let them speak for themselves. Even the holes in the stones have been naturally milled by the sea. I just enhance their beauty by giving them their perfect setting. Especially precious to me are the heart shaped stones. All the pieces are designed and handmade by me at my studio in Tel Aviv.


A good heart is hard to find. But I keep on looking.​

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