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Tel Aviv - The Inspiration

If New York City is the big apple, Tel Aviv is the juicy orange. Life in this metropolis at the Mediterranean seems to be indeed a bit sweeter than anywhere else: the ocean in front of the door, a seemingly endless variety of restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs, beautiful people plus a lively art scene. Tel Aviv seems to have it all.

It is not a very big place with only around half a million people residing in its center. But the energy that they create can easily keep up with the huge capitals of the world. Its unique atmosphere is created by so many different aspects. The architectural face is dominated by the 1930s Bauhaus buildings which have given Tel Aviv the moniker “White City'' and the title “World Heritage Site”. 

Just over 100 years old, it is the city of modernity, creativity and open mindedness. But Tel Aviv has a very old face, too. The ancient port city of Jaffa on a hill in the Southern part, where the fishermen bring in their catch in the early morning hours to this day. The slogan “Tel Aviv never sleeps” is no hollow statement. Nowhere else in the world are the people so into partying and enjoying themselves like in this hippest place of the whole Middle East – and far beyond.

florentin graffiti 13.jpg
strand stimmung 9.jpg

A walk along the beach is the perfect start into a new day for me. My studio is located in the trendy quarter of Florentine, the capital of street art and hipster culture. Here, where nearly no wall is left untouched by graffiti, I enjoy relaxing with a coffee in one of the neighborhood cafés.


From the fishermen to the street artists, from the colourful markets to the beach – Tel Aviv is always an inspiration, and I can think of no other place I would rather live and work.

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