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After the Storm - A Collection of Optimism

Most of the year Israel is a country of sunshine and blue skies. But when it storms, it STORMS. I enjoy the winter weather tremendously – when the winds lash into the waters and the ocean becomes a whole foamy mess. The bigger the better. The quiet after a storm I love even more. Because then the search begins.  


I can hardly wait for the rains to stop to head out and walk along the beaches for hours, gazing at the sand, looking for the treasures of the ocean: Shells, drift wood, pebbles with various patterns and of course the colorful shards of beach glass that are the essence of most of my designs. The search is almost meditative, guided by the elements alone.  


There were times during the Corona pandemic when the beaches here in Israel were blocked. Nobody was allowed to go near, not to swim, not to surf, not to walk and not to look for treasures. It was hard. Even though I am lucky to have work, a healthy family and friends, I felt confined, limited, sad. But as the winter 2020 neared, the coastline was opened again, and I am privileged that I live just a few minutes walk away. 

And so I went. The last winter storms brought me some incredible pieces: smashing turquoise, light red, electric blue and neon green in perfect sizes for jewelry. Red needs a diamond to really shine in a ring. Turquoise is a daring match with the light blue of the apatite that I discovered at a lovely gemstone dealer in the city. The combination makes a perfect pair of earrings. 


I wanted to use only the brightest, happiest colors for the new pieces. For it should radiate optimism, dreams and hopes. The storms always pass. So will this worldwide crisis. My new collection is “after the storm” – in any sense.


red sea glass.jpg
earring design.jpg
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