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Pebbles and Romance Bracelet

Pebbles and Romance Bracelet


Beach rock bracelet with ornamented silver beads


The beach the most romantic place on earth for me. Therefore the connection between the pretty little beach pebbles and the ornamented sterling silver beads is a natural one. This piece is a perfect gift for the romantic heart.

The bracelet was one of the first I designed with natural stones. They are extraordinary because all the holes are naturally minted by the ocean. I did not alter or drill the pebbles but let them shine in their original beauty. All the beach rocks stem from the Eastern Mediterranean in Israel. The bracelet belongs to my collection "Beach Rocks".

  • Natural beach pebbles in beige and gray 
    Ornamented sterling silver beads 
    Spring ring closure sterling silver
    All jump rings are soldered shut for security
    Length of bracelet: 183 mm (longer or shorter on request)


    The price in this listing is for one bracelet.


    All Urban Sea jewelry pieces are one of a kind and handmade. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

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