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Forest Lovers Bracelet

Forest Lovers Bracelet


Bracelet with sea glass, silver and gold elements


Forests were a big part of my childhood: tall needle trees, wild strawberries, strange textures and the most wonderful flowers hidden behind patches of dark green moss. This bracelet was designed by those magical memories. It belongs to my collection "Storyline". Each piece is made with a special moment in mind.
The beads are created from different materials: sterling silver, yellow and rose 9 carat gold, sea glass and pottery. I used the darkest green shard of the glassy gems that I own and a lovely pottery one. They stem from the Eastern Mediterranean in Israel. A raw green emerald is the center of the piece.


Sea glass - the gem from the ocean - takes dozens and even hundreds of years, to acquire its characteristic texture and round shape. Tumbled by the waves, the glass loses its shiny surface and slowly gets the frosted look that makes it so unique. Sea glass is considered rare all over the world.

  • 8 separate beads made of sterling silver, 9 carat yellow and rose gold, sea glass and pottery
    Raw emerald
    Connected with a sterling silver tube and jump rings
    Hook closure sterling silver
    All jump rings are soldered shut for security
    Length of bracelet: 187 mm (longer or shorter on request)


    All Urban Sea jewelry pieces are one of a kind and handmade. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

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