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Evening Shine Earrings

Evening Shine Earrings


White sea glass earrings with garnets and gold elements


This pair reminds me of the evening shine next to the sea. The light is reflected in the silver and shiny dark red garnets when the earrings dangle on the ears. I used beautifully matching shards of sea glass in white for them. A bit of asymmetry with yellow gold elements adds a special touch. The sea glass stems from the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean in Israel. The earrings belong to my collection "Salty Gems". 


Sea glass - the gem from the ocean - takes dozens and even hundreds of years, to acquire its characteristic texture and round shape. Tumbled by the waves, the glass loses its shiny surface and slowly gets the frosted look that makes it so unique. Sea glass is considered rare all over the world. 

  • Unaltered shards of genuine sea glass in white
    Set in fine silver (999)
    Pebbles of sterling silver with yellow gold elements (9 carat)
    Garnet gemstones set in sterling silver
    Length of earring: 60 mm 
    Width of beads: ca. 10- 16 mm


    All Urban Sea jewelry is handmade, so no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

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