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Gold Dots Band

Gold Dots Band


Reclaimed silver ring with gold elements


This massive silver band with the golden dots is a versatile companion. It can be worn as a stacking ring but makes a cool impression all by itself just as much . The three dots in yellow and one in red gold are made from reclaimed precious metals. They all stem from old gold pieces that I melted. During this process a completely different design was created without damaging the environment unnecessarily.


I have been a lover and collector of jewelry since I can think. Rings, Bracelets, Earrings... But over time many pieces broke, were out of style, or I simply did not enjoy wearing them anymore. To get them out of their drawers and boxes and blow new life into them, I created a new collection of ethical jewelry that is for me "Connecting the Dots". The Gold Dots Band is a part of it. 

  • Band from sterling silver
    3 balls from reclaimed 14 carat yellow gold
    1 ball from reclaimed 14 carat red gold

    The ring can be made in any size.

    All Urban Sea jewelry pieces are one of a kind and handmade. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

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